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Why should my child attend Tiny Tots of Apopka?

We are happy that you asked that question.  Here are some of the most important reasons:

1. We believe that children who grow up in a faith-based environment will develop a character that will enable them to make decisions later in life that will preclude falling to the many temptations they will face.  We will be one of only three faith-based learning centers in the Apopka community.

2. Your child will be engaged throughout the day learning new skills and reinforcing already acquired ones through the use of a basic age-appropriate early childhood curriculum.  There will be an emphasis on Christian values and Biblical messages that advance the learning process.

3. We project that we will have the best teacher to pupil ratios available in our community.

4. Our facility has been remodeled with all new furniture, flooring, toys, equipment and security.   The high tech security package that we have implemented will exclude all unauthorized persons from gaining access to the school.  Our playground is fully enclosed except to the sun (no one watching through fences).

5. We will offer at no charge an advanced communications package for parental alerts, messages, classroom real time video, and smartphone/computer access to your child’s daily events and activities.

6. Our goal as a school is to achieve “Gold” certification from both the state and religious reviewing organizations in the shortest time possible.

We would love to hear your comments, questions, or inquiries at or 407-814-4811, or stop by First United Methodist Church of Apopka and ask for our Director, Kelly Baloun.